Dance for Parkinson's

Image courtesy of the Mark Morris Dance Group/Brooklyn Parkinson Group.

 Our next class begins in the Fall of 2016! 

Our Dance for Parkinson's class is modeled after Dance for PD®, a renowned program created at the Mark Morris Dance Group in New York, that offers specialized dance classes accompanied by live music for people with Parkinson's. The class is built on the fundamental premise that professionally-trained dancers are movement experts whose knowledge can benefit people with PD. Dancers know all about stretching and strengthening muscles and about balance and rhythm. Most importantly, dancers know how to use their thoughts, eyes, ears, touch and imagination to control their movements.

PBT’s Dance for Parkinson’s instructors have been specially trained in the Dance for PD® methodology. The class is appropriate for anyone with PD, no matter how advanced. No dance experience is required. In chairs, at a barre or standing, you will explore elements of modern dance, ballet, tap, folk and social dancing in a non-pressured, social environment, energized and enriched by live music. Classes modeled after Dance for PD® now occur in more than 100 communities in the US and across the world. 

Learn More! Listen to this recent NPR story about Dance for Parkinson's or watch this video created by the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Join us and join the movement!

For more information contact Christina Salgado, Director of Education, at 412-454-9105 or