Faculty and Staff


Terrence S. Orr


Marjorie Grundvig

Ms. Grundvig began her ballet training in her hometown of Davis, California, and with Marguerite Phares in Sacramento, California. Additionally, she spent summers on scholarship with San Francisco Ballet School.  At the age of 17, Ms. Grundvig joined the North Carolina Dance Theatre. She continued her performing career as a soloist with both the Tulsa Ballet and the Boston Ballet.  She has guest taught at many schools, both nationally and internationally, in addition to touring nationally to audition students for the annual summer programs of Boston Ballet and PBT. Ms. Grundvig directed the ballet department of the Washington Academy of Performing Arts in Seattle prior to being appointed Director of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School in August 2005. Since starting at PBT, Ms. Grundvig has been part of a leadership team that has managed to increase total school enrollment by more than 30%.

Dennis Marshall

Mr. Marshall began his training with Margo Marshall in Houston, Texas. He received scholarships to train at the school of the National Ballet of Canada, American Ballet Theatre School, School of American Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Kirov Ballet in St. Petersburg and the Royal Ballet School in London. Upon graduation from the High School of Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, he was invited to join American Ballet Theatre. He danced there as a soloist under the direction of Mikhail Baryshnikov and then joined San Francisco Ballet as a principal dancer. Mr. Marshall was featured on the cover of Dance Magazine in 1978 and the following year won the bronze medal at the International Ballet Competition, USA. He was Ballet Master for the North Carolina Dance Theatre, Tulsa Ballet and the Boston Ballet in addition to being a guest instructor at companies and schools nationally and internationally. Mr. Marshall was also an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma and Director of the Washington Academy of Performing Arts in Seattle.  In August 2005, Mr. Marshall was appointed Director of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School.  Mr. Marshall has also enjoyed the distinct honor of serving on the panel of international judges for the Japan Grand Prix 2009-2012 and has been invited to serve on the judging panel for the first-annual Taiwan Grand Prix in August 2013.


Aaron Rinsema

Janet Popeleski
Robert Vickrey
Rachael Paholich

Lindsey Gainey
Martha Adams
Mike Sweeney
Matthew Brin - Byham House Director
Jamie Rupert - Residence Advisor
Lelia Broughton - Day-Time Supervisor
Matthias Bodnar - Chef
Steven Annegarn, PBT Ballet Master
Marianna Tcherkassky, PBT Ballet Mistress
Christine Schwaner, Ballet
Eun Young Ahn, Ballet
Kaila Lewis, Children's Division Coordinator
Kerra Alexander, Community Education Coordinator & Instructor
Ann Corrado, Pilates
Allie Garcia, Pilates
Shanna Naider, Ballet
Erin Harold, Pilates
Maureen Lucas, Pilates
Jessica Marino, Modern & Jazz
Jamie Murphy, Modern & Jazz
Tamar Rachelle, Pilates
Lynn Rescigno, Pilates
Toma Smith, Ballet
Allie Tiso, Ballet
Aleksandr Zankin, Character
Katherine Zitterbart, Yoga
Yoland Collin, PBT Pianist
Ellen Gozion, Full Time Pianist
Bella Khanis, Full Time Pianist
Juliet Winovich, Full Time Pianist
Colin Baylor, Pianist
Marc Giosi, Pianist
Jack Hawn, Pianist
Michael Kemp, Percussion
Edward Leonard, Pianist
David O'Brien, Pianist
Lisa Wimer, Pianist
Andrew Yalch, Pianist
Yin Zhu, Pianist