PBT School Alumni

PBT School’s Alumni Community is comprised of an exceptional group of individuals - many have enjoyed or currently enjoy rewarding professional dance experiences, while others have gone on to pursue a variety of other career paths.  Approximately 15-20 students leave the School each year to begin professional ballet careers and those alumni can be found on the rosters of a multitude of U.S. and international dance companies, including Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre where 50% of the Company is PBT School alums.



Alixandra Kish

Lexington Ballet

Amy HerchenroetherSt. Louis Ballet
Anwen DavidMemphis Ballet
Diana YohePittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Elanora MorrisNational Ballet of Canada
Itsuki ShimadaColumbia Classical Ballet
Kayleigh DanowskiMontgomery Ballet
Kyoji SHimomuraAtlantic City Ballet
MacKenzie QuinnSan Diego Ballet
Marino SaitoColumbia Classical Ballet
Paige RobinsonEugene Ballet Company
Saho ShibayamaNew National Ballet of Japan
Takeaki MiuraAtlantic City Ballet



Takayuki AsaiArts Ballet Theater of Florida
Corey BourbonnierPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
John Brewer Richmond Ballet II
Toshiki HommaColumbia Classical Ballet
Carrington LorenzRichmond Ballet II
Hillary PyoGeorgia Ballet
JoAnna SchmidtPittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Apprentice)
Saya TanishikiColumbia Classical Ballet
Rina YamaguchiAtlantic City Ballet
Yukina YasuharaArts Ballet Theater of Florida


Ellany AbbottOklahoma City Ballet
Melissa DooleyAlabama Ballet
James GilmerCincinnati Ballet
Olivia KellyPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Kelsey Jo HarrisonNorth Carolina Dance Theatre (Apprentice)
Tina LaForgiaNorth Carolina dance Theatre
Jake LowensteinBallet Idaho


Ava ChattersonSacramento Ballet
Becca CrossRochester City Ballet
Kelly FordSacramento Ballet (Apprentice)
Christina GrattonBoston University
Ted HendersonPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Erik JohnsonRochester City Ballet
Kristie LathamBallet Met (Trainee)
Katie MillerSacrametno Ballet (Apprentice)
Yoshiaki NakanoPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Jordan RichardsonNevada Ballet Theater, Ballet West
Amber RunyanNorth Carolina Dance Theatre, Georgia Ballet
Casey TaylorPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Amanda WhitesDance Theatre of Tennessee
Meghan WrightSacremento Ballet
Molly WrightPittsburgh Ballet Theatre


Elizabeth AshbaughLouisville Ballet (Apprentice)
Amanda CochranePittsburgh ballet Theatre (promoted to Soloist)
Ashley HamannBallet Quad City, Missouri Ballet Theatre
Jayme LeachGeorgia Ballet
Caitlin McElroyAtlantic City Ballet (Apprentice)
Ana PorterColumbia City Ballet
Benjamin RabeRochester City Ballet, Ballet Met
Amanda RadetzkyVictoria Ballet
Kelsy SchneiderRochester City Ballet (Apprentice)
Casey TaylorPacific Northwest Ballet ( Professional Division)
Benjamin TuckerRichmond Ballet (Apprentice)
Kirsten WipperfeldRichmond Ballet (Trainee)


Steven BainBallet Idaho
Sonja DavenportCincinnati Ballet (Trainee)
Devon DarrowRichmond Ballet (Trainee)
Shannon HokansonLouisville Ballet
Kelly JarrellPittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Apprentice)
Corynn MillerRochester City Ballet (Apprentice)
Joseph ParrPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Patrick YokumBoston Ballet II, Boston Ballet
Jessica WheelerLouisville Ballet (Trainee)


Gauen AlexanderAlabama Ballet
Alexis AntolicLouisville Ballet
Kaleb bakerBallet Quad Cities
Kelsey BartmanNashville Ballet
Allison DebonaBallet West (promoted to Soloist)
Patrick DesRosiersBallet Quad Cities
Danielle DowneyPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Sasha EdelmanBallet Arizona
Laurie Lou GarsideRichmond Ballet (Apprentice)
Alana GergerichOmaha Theater Ballet
Shannon HokansonLouisville Ballet (Trainee)
Temple KemezisConnecticut Ballet
Emily LongBallet Quad Cities
Gabrielle ThurlowPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Brittany WaggyBallet Quad Cities
Kelly WalshAlabama Ballet
Ashley WegmanPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Ballet Met
Aleksandr YorkOmaha Theatre Ballet


Nicholas CoppulaPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Roberto CurtiPittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Apprentice)
Michelle JoyPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Metropolitan Opera
Eva TrappPittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to Soloist)
Kimberly TasotaPittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Brienne WiltsePittsburgh Ballet Theatre