Private Pilates

PBT School offers private and semi-private Pilates instruction using the "Reformer," "Cadillac", and other apparatus. Pilates, a system of healthy body conditioning, creates a sleek, toned body while promoting strength, flexibility, and agility. No muscle group is strained or overused. Pilates increases body awareness, proper breathing, and spinal alignment. Please phone the Pilates office at 412-454-9136 for more information about private or semi-private Pilates instruction.

Please phone the Pilates center at 412-454-9136 for more information.

Pilates Mat Classes

The Open Division classes are designed for the adult (ages 14 and above) interested in quality instruction in a non-professional class environment. Students attend classes as their personal schedule permits. Pilates Mat classes are provided for the beginner and intermediate level student. Pilates provides a systematic workout to increase range of motion, strength, flexibility, and alignment.