A Conversation with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School Alumna Amy Herchenroether

Pittsburgh native Amy Herchenroether began training with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School in the late 1990’s in Creative Movement classes, eventually working her way up to the full time high school program. After attending the Boston Ballet School Trainee program for 2 years, she returned to PBT School as a Graduate student before being hired into St. Louis Ballet. Experiences such as performing The Nutcracker onstage with PBT company and training a variety of dance forms in the School helped to prepare her for the repertoire and roles she performed in her professional career.

PBT School caught up with Amy about her experiences as a student at PBT and as a professional at St. Louis Ballet. Listen to the interview below!

What I really appreciated about my training at PBT was just how well rounded it is. I think I see that now looking back, even more than when I was a student. You get a really strong classical ballet training, but you’re also exposed to contemporary, jazz and character, plus Pilates, conditioning. Looking back, I think the training is just unbelievable.

Cover Photo by Pratt Kreidich Photography