Happy New Year! 5 Dancer Resolutions for 2013

From dance to diet, five PBT dancers share the goals they’re striving for in the New Year:

Julia Erickson

“Worry less, Love more, Try new restaurants, Make up new Barre flavors and Give myself more free time!”

JoAnna Schmidt

“I made a declaration that this year my resolution would be not to sugar coat the things I say so much. It’s a bad habit of mine and I want to be more straight forward instead.”

Amanda Cochrane

“My resolution for the year is to stretch more. (Maybe it will make my cancan kicks higher for Moulin Rouge – The Ballet!)”

Joe Parr

“To never lose sight or the order of my priorities which are faith, family, and ballet. And my second one is to not miss any more action on stage!”

Corey Bourbonniere
“For the New Year, I gave up soda!”