Stay Sleek through the Holidays with PBT Pilates

As the preferred cross-training method for many PBT Company Dancers, the majority of PBT’s Certified Instructors combine classical Pilates training with years of professional experience in the dance world. They understand first-hand the powerful role of Pilates in developing core strength as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. As a result, PBT Pilates clients enjoy the same high-quality, distinctive instruction preferred received by PBT Company Dancers. The Pilates Method, or “Contrology” as it was called by founder Joseph Pilates, is a system of healthy body conditioning that creates a sleek, toned body while promoting strength, flexibility and agility. Pilates was founded on the integrative effects of these core principles: increasing body awareness, proper breathing and spinal alignment. The Pilates Method is not a quick fix; it is an experiential workout centered on the balance of body, mind and spirit.


PBT Pilates Advantage
By applying a customized technique to a standard method, the PBT Pilates Program offers a variety of unique benefits: • PBT Pilates Instructors guide each individual through carefully crafted, personalized exercises.

• PBT Pilates Instructors strive to educate and enlighten each client in order to achieve their individual goals. It is not a one-size-fits-all formula.

• PBT Pilates clients enjoy the same high-quality, individualized instruction preferred by many PBT Company Dancers

• PBT Pilates Instructors strive to create a healthy, sustainable fitness plan that will enhance all aspects of each client’s life.

• PBT Pilates clients use words like “Mindful”, “Artistry”, “Excellence”, “Personalized”, “Committed, “Dedicated,” “Inspired,” “Rhythm,” “Passion,” and “Purpose” to describe their experiences with the PBT Pilates Program.

PBT Pilates Instructors
All PBT Pilates instructors have successfully completed a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training certification program with a classical base. But beyond that, PBT Pilates Instructors are selected because of their dedication and desire to share their passion for classical Pilates with their clients. The majority of PBT Pilates Instructors have distinctive experience as dance professionals, and many hold advanced degrees in Dance or Dance Education. Each Instructor infuses their own unique artistic expression into their workouts.

One client, “Lynn” puts it succinctly: “Pilates [at PBT] didn’t just change my body. It changed my life!”

To schedule a Pilates appointment, call Ann Corrado, Pilates Program Coordinator at 412-454-9136, email, click, or just stop by: 2900 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.