Teacher Feature: Kaila Lewis, Head of the Children’s Division


Meet PBT School’s Head of the Children’s Division Kaila Lewis! A Pittsburgh native, Kaila has been teaching with PBT School since 2006, but her history with the School goes all the way back to her early years as a dancer. Kaila trained at PBT School, where she went through the student division, the high school program and the graduate program. Read on to learn about her journey with PBT and her passion for teaching ballet to young children! 

How long have you been teaching at PBT School?
I have been teaching at PBT for 16 years. I became the Children’s Division Coordinator 8 years ago and just recently became the Head of the Children’s Division.

What drew you to teaching children?
I was naturally drawn to working with children and I just love how genuine and magical they are.

Can you share why you believe that dancing ballet is rewarding for young children?
I think ballet offers many things that can be carried with someone, even after they have finished dancing. Ballet offers discipline and structure, and eventually students must learn time management. It also can create a lifelong passion and appreciation.

Kaila Lewis dances alongside two young dancers
Photo: Aviana Adams
Photo: Aviana Adams

As a graduate of the student division, high school program and the graduate program of PBT School, how have you seen the school progress during your time with PBT?
It has been exciting to watch the school expand over the years. I was also proud to watch how the school adapted and persevered during the pandemic.

How do you stay calm and organized during teaching?
I have always been an organized person and I always carry a notebook and a planner with me. I implement discipline and structure from the very beginning with my students. I work hard to carry those expectations through their primary years, so that it is never an issue.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching?
My favorite thing about my job is that I get to facilitate a child’s love for ballet. I get to create magical experiences that turn ballet into a passion.

Interested in enrolling your child in our Children’s Division classes? Join us for a free Open House at the Children’s Division New Family Day on Friday, August 26 from 10 a.m. – noon! 

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