Community Youth Scholarship Agreement

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s (PBT) Community Youth Scholarship program supports early ballet training for talented students. The program is dedicated to making PBT School and the art form of ballet accessible to students throughout the Pittsburgh region.

This agreement is for the 2023/24 school year and must be renewed each year. After reading we ask that you electronically sign, date and submit the form at the end of this page. 

We thank you for your commitment to ballet training for your student. Though we are asking you to agree to the stipulations listed below, we also pledge to you that PBT is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment at PBT and PBT School and to supporting students and their families. We invite you to contact us at any time about any concerns you may have.


Of Students:

  • Attend PBT School for the full term of the award, which is the entire 2024 / 2025 school year.
  • Meet increasing standards of accomplishment by remaining engaged and showing commitment through the course of the class. A student’s progress is outlined in an annual evaluation. (Please see “Evaluations,” below.)
  • Maintain class attendance.
  • Be prepared, focused, and enthusiastic!
  • Participate fully in all School activities.
  • Participate in all rehearsals and performances.
  • Participate in end-of-year Spring Performance programs in May 2025.
  • Participate only in PBT training programs (exceptions such as PPS’s CAPA will be considered on a case-by-case basis).
  • Adhere to school regulations and policies outlined in the Student Handbook. 

Of Caregivers:

  • Affirm that your student plans to attend PBT School for the full term of the 2024 / 2025 school year.
  • Thoroughly read and understand the Student Handbook’s policies and regulations. Ensure the student follows rules stipulated in the Student Handbook.
  • Let us know about an absence and any attendance issue on the PBT Family Portal. 
  • Communicate with us about any concerns you may have. Instructors and staff are happy to help in any way possible
  • Provide transportation to and from classes and rehearsals at PBT Studios (2900 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15201).
  • Ensure student arrives on time and is prepared for class.
  • Provide proper ballet attire for the student as listed in the PBT School Handbook (one set of required attire is provided by the scholarship).
  • Ensure that your current email address and cell phone number are on file in the PBT School office. The vast majority of PBT School communication is done via email and the Family Portal.
  • Attend class orientation and other education activities.
  • Attend periodic and end-of-school-year progress meetings with Education Dept. staff and PBT School staff / faculty.


Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School provides an exciting opportunity for children to explore and to begin to love dance. It is also a ballet training program. We ask that both students and caregivers make this program a priority and that every effort be made to attend all scheduled classes. 

Consistent class participation is crucial to your student’s success. If a student misses class multiple times their progress may suffer and they may be required to repeat their training level the next school year. Missing classes may also mean that the student could be excluded from performance opportunities, including the end-of-year performance. Poor attendance may also affect the student’s annual evaluation.

Please note: Communication is very important! Please notify us of an absence BEFORE your student’s class time at the PBT Family Portal.

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for an in-person class will not be permitted to participate (due for safety reasons) but will be expected to stay in the class to observe. 

Additional Requirements

Jazz is required for Level 2 – 5. For Level 6 and up, all classes and seminars on the schedule are required. All required classes are covered by the scholarship. Please recognize the additional attendance requirements for these classes, which are subject to attendance policies above.

Spring Performance

We believe that performance is an important part of training. Our curriculum culminates in a Spring Performance in May 2025 for Preparatory Ballet thru Pre-Professional students. Attendance at rehearsals and at the performance is required. Please note that rehearsals may be outside of regular class times – a schedule and specific information will be provided early in the spring of 2025.

Pointe Work 

Following completion of Level 2 students are considered for pointe work. Due to the demands of pointe work students are carefully evaluated on proper placement and foot and leg strength to ensure they are prepared.

Students are expected to purchase and maintain their pointe shoes each year. One pair of pointe shoes is provided by the scholarship per year. Typically, students will have to replace shoes 1- 2 times a year in Level 3. This may increase as students progress.


Instructors conduct a formal evaluation of all students in the spring. Evaluation assesses student progress and determines class placement for the next school year. Please note that it is very common for a student not to advance to the next level for a variety of reasons! Continued participation in the scholarship program is partly determined in the evaluation process.  

Students will be evaluated on the following:

  • Listening and responding to teacher feedback
  • Incorporating feedback to improve technique
  • Work ethic
  • Attendance and promptness 
  • Focus and dedication
  • Physical aptitude
  • Technique 
  • Alignment and coordination 
  • Musicality
  • Terminology 



Students may receive official warnings on their School record for the following:

  • unexplained absences
  • lack of engagement / interest in training
  • unacceptable behavior (please see behavior guidelines outlined in the student handbook)

Prior to a student receiving a warning, PBT faculty and staff will meet with the student and caregiver to determine a course of action for improvement. If the student doesn’t demonstrate improvement the student will receive a warning, after which the student must demonstrate a high degree of commitment to their training in order to continue at PBT. 

Three warnings may result in forfeiture of the scholarship. 

Renewal of the Scholarship

The scholarship is eligible to be renewed for the next school year if:

  • the student receives a favorable year-end evaluation 
  • the student’s family provides updated documentation of eligibility

If the scholarship is renewed summer program scholarships may also be available. Parents/guardians will be contacted about summer opportunities prior to the start of summer sessions.

Agreement Acceptance and Signature / Student Information