Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate age to bring a child to the ballet?

Children must be at least 3 years old to attend a Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre performance. All audience members must have their own ticket and seat in order to enjoy a performance. Although 3 is the minimum age to attend, parents often know best at what age their child is able to quietly enjoy a full ballet program.  If you have specific questions about the content or run time of a performance, please contact the PBT Subscriptions Manager at 412-454-9107.

Where does PBT perform?

The majority of PBT performances take place at the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts located at 719 Liberty Ave. PBT also occasionally performs at the Byham Theater, 101 6th St., or the August Wilson Center for African American Culture, 980 Liberty Ave. All venues are located in downtown Pittsburgh. Check your tickets, or visit our performance webpages, to find venue details for each performance. Visit to find information about nearby parking garages.

How early should I arrive to a performance?

As a general rule of thumb, the house opens one hour prior to show time, so arriving anytime from an hour to twenty minutes early is recommended. If you are picking up tickets at Will Call, we recommending factoring in an extra 20 minutes.
Pittsburgh traffic delays can be unpredictable, so PBT recommends allowing ample drive and parking time to ensure you have plenty of time to take your seat. Late seating is not permitted after the lights have dimmed; latecomers must wait to be seated until intermission.

Are PBT performances wheelchair accessible?

Yes, PBT is committed to making the ballet experience accessible to all audiences. Learn more about PBT’s commitment to inclusion here. Please talk to your ticketing representative if you need a wheelchair seat for a performance or have additional questions about accessibility.

Learn more about accessibility at the Benedum Center here.
Learn more about accessibility at the August Wilson Center here.
Learn more about accessibility at the Byham Theater here.

How do I purchase tickets to the ballet?

Always buy tickets from one of the trusted sources listed below. PBT cautions audience members to avoid third-party ticket vendors, due to problems with inflated prices, dysfunctional barcodes or tickets that were never delivered to will call.

Please use one of these official PBT ticketing sources:
Online: or
Call: 412-456-6666
Visit: Theater Square Box Office
Subscribe: Online at or by calling 412-454-9107

Is it possible to exchange my tickets?

PBT is pleased to offer ticket exchanges as a special, subscriber-only benefit for season ticket holders. Subscribers may exchange their tickets for free between performances or productions. Contact the PBT’s ticketing manager at 412-454-9107 for more information about exchanges.

Single tickets are not eligible for exchanges.

What should I wear to the ballet?

From dressed-up jeans to cocktail attire, ballet goers arrive in a range of styles, so wear what makes you comfortable. There is no dress code. The majority of patrons wear business casual type clothing, but an evening at the ballet also makes a great occasion to break out that special cocktail dress or suit.