Ballet 101

Our Ballet 101 resource section provides basics on ballet positions, vocabulary, history and more.

What are the basic five positions of ballet? What are pointe shoes made of? What are the origins of ballet as an art form? Learn all this and more with our Ballet 101 resource guide. If you’re curious about something you don’t see here, write to us at and we’ll look into your question!

Ballet is a visual art form that expresses story telling and/or emotion solely through dance, gesture and facial expression. Combined with sets and costumes that are works of art unto themselves, ballet promises an extraordinary theater experience. Learn more below!

Ballet 101 & 201 Workshops

Experience the benefits of ballet in an encouraging and non-competitive environment. This six class series is designed for the absolute beginner to learn the fundamental positions, basic techniques, and terminology of classical ballet. No dance experience is necessary and exercises can be modified for all fitness levels. Participants may wear a leotard and tights or comfortable fitness apparel along with ballet slippers or socks.

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Learn about the art and discipline of ballet using the links below:

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