3-Week Youth Summer Intensive

July 1-19, 2024

My favorite part of my summer is working with the students in the Junior Intensive Program. I love working with students from all different studios and watching them bond and inspire each other in such a nurturing environment.” – Carrie Cheng, Guest Faculty of 16 summers

Students ages 10-14 from across the region converge for an immersive three-week training program led by PBT School faculty and guest instructors. With two session times to choose from, dancers are able to build upon their training and grow their artistry through a wide variety of classes and instruction. This is an excellent program for young dancers looking to train more seriously in the summer as they take the next steps on their ballet journey.


Date: July 1-19, 2024

Time: 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.


Dancers will develop stronger technique while

 gaining experience in class, rehearsal and performance settings.

In three weeks, dancers will log close to 60 studio hours through a diverse curriculum that


-Ballet: technique, pointe, variations,


-Specialty concentration classes: pas de deux, men’s technique

-Additional disciplines: jazz, modern

-Cross training: Pilates

-Culminating Demonstration


Jr. Intensive students may also opt to take part in a lunch program. Students who take part in the lunch program must sign up and pay for the entire three-week lunch program.


Our incomparable faculty consists of artists with national and international professional experience, many of whom are former Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre dancers.

Our faculty’s professional artistry is matched by their warmth and care for our dancers. While maintaining the rigor of our programming, they cultivate an environment of support in each class, creating a camaraderie that elevates PBT from a school to a community.

For a full list of PBT year-round faculty, click here.

“I would 100% recommend it to a friend. All of the teachers are so kind and you can really tell that they want to help you improve.” – 2022 Dancer


New Students will require an audition for the program.

Audition options:

-Attend PBT’s audition on Saturday, February 3

-Contact the school office to attend a placement class by April 30, 2024. Email pbtschool@pittsburghballet.org.

-Submit a video audition through DanceApply.com    Video submissions should include one side of barre work, including plie, tendu, rond de jambe, and grandbattement. In the center, videos should include small jumps, medium jumps, tendu, pirouette, and releves (en pointe if applicable).

Current students will be communicated with directly by the School Office. Please contact PBTSchool@pittsburghballet.org with any additional questions about enrolling.



Registration Deadlines are rolling, one a first-come, first-serve basis, following the Feb. 3 audition date.

           *there will be no classes on July 4th. 


Tuition: $1310

Add-on Lunch: $175



Option A

Leotards: Dancers may wear any solid-color leotard for class. Dancers must have a white and black leotard for the end-of-session demonstration.

Tights: Flesh tone

Shoes: Flesh-tone ballet flats; Jazz shoes (black or flesh)

Option B

Shirt: Dancers may wear any solid color fitted shirt for class. Dancers must have a fitted white shirt for the end-of-session demonstration.

Tights: Black tights

Shoes: Black ballet flats