Awáa / Duet

  • Choreographer: Aszure Barton. Staging: Tobin Del Cuore
  • Music: Lev Zhurbin and Curtis Macdonald
  • Lighting: Original design: Burke Brown
  • World Premiere: Aszure Barton & Artists - June 2012. Danced by Lara Barclay & Tobin Del Cuore
  • PBT Performance Date: May 21, 23, 2021. Open Air performances using PBT mobile stage at Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, PA.

Program Notes

This duet is an excerpt from an evening-length work titled Awáa, and was created together with Lara Barclay and Tobin Del Cuore of Aszure Barton & Artists in 2012. In the language of Haida Gwaii, a chain of islands on the west coast of British Columbia (Canada), the word awáa means “one who is a mother.”