Napoli: Pas de Six & Tarentella (2 excerpts from the full-length ballet)

  • Choreographer: August Bournonville (Staged by Hanning Albrechtsen)
  • Music: Edvard Helsted, Holger Simon Paulli
  • PBT Performance Date: August 22, 2021; Hartwood Acres

Program Notes

Napoli, or The Fisherman and His Bride, was choreographed in 1842 by August Bournonville for Denmark’s Royal Ballet. Set in Italy, the ballet tells the story of Gennaro, a poor fisherman, and his beloved Teresina, as they overcome forces that attempt to thwart their love. The Pas de Six and Tarantella are from the lively and exuberant wedding celebration in Act 3.  Napoli is a beautiful example of Bournonville’s signature style, which includes fast, technically difficult footwork and jumps that are executed with joy.