• Choreographer: Helen Pickett (Staged bt Sarah Hillmer)
  • Music: Philip Glass, Thomas Montgomery Newman
  • Costumes: Nete Joseph
  • Lighting: Todd Elmer, recreated by Christina Giannelli
  • World Premiere: February 1, 2008; Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
  • PBT Performance Date: October 22-24. 2021 at Benedum Center for the Performing Arts

Program Notes


One of my great pleasures as a choreographer is watching dancers connect corporeally, emotionally and spiritually to the movement in any given moment. Through their exploration, they reach a state of awe-inspiring vulnerability. They share themselves with unwavering commitment. As this generous energy transfers from the studio to the stage, it insists itself through the theater space and transcends the fourth wall. As a result of this outpouring, we experience incomparable yet evanescent connection. And once we feel this energy coursing through us there is no going back.

Therefore, I feel it is my responsibility as a choreographer to cultivate an atmosphere that not only nurtures connection, but also incites contribution and collaboration. Within this space, who we are, rather than who we should be emerges, and we bloom.

Bathed in the light of hot yellows, pinks, and oranges the dancers’ kinetic energy reflects the vitality of spring. Petal explores the intimacy of human touch, and our desire and our necessity for connection.

  • Helen Pickett