Trinity Bust: Sculptor. Clay. Muse.

  • Choreographer: Gina Patterson
  • Music: Teresa Carreno. Sound design: Eric Midgley
  • Costumes: Janet Groom Campbell
  • Set Design: Prop design: Curtis Scott Dunn
  • PBT Performance Date: May 20, 22, 27, 2021. Open air performances using PBT mobile stage at Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, PA.

Program Notes

Inspired by sculptor Camille Claudel, the details of her life and work seep into, and breathe within, the clay of this new work. Known more as a student, muse and mistress of Auguste Rodin than for the quality and genius of her own work, we ask: Who is Camille? Who am I? Can we step out of the shadows and shells, shape and reshape who we are, wish to be, and how we move through the world? Can we gather the scattered fragments of ourselves, our memories, into an empowered acceptance? As spirit comes into the warmed clay — sculptor, clay, muse — the earth is chiseled away to its essence — seen, without shadow, I am.
– Gina Patterson