PreK Creative Movement Residency Program Contract

Please read the document below and sign below in the appropriate area. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the Community Education Coordinator and Instructor at or call 412-281-3053.

I understand that I will be expected to complete the following:

  • Schedule and participate in a planning meeting with my teaching artist
  • Participate in a 9-week laboratory-style residency (one 30-minute class a week). Each unit will focus on an activity of your choosing that also supports executive function.  
    • I am expected to be an active participant in this residency- starting off with the instructor fully leading the lesson and eventually facilitating my own session with little to no support (this is individualized based on the needs of the teacher)
    • Incorporate a creative movement activity to support executive function into your daily routine.
    • Maintain an open communication flow with PBT’s Department of Education and Community Engagement.
    • Make sure that students are wearing nametags during the residency.
    • Act as the disciplinarian, if necessary, and maintain a proper level of attention and cooperation on the part of the students.
  • Provide documentation of the program’s impact on your teaching practices for reporting purposes:
    • Pre- and post-residency teacher surveys
    • Weekly short formative assessments (reflection form provided)
  • Attend two additional programs along with the residency. These activities will be scheduled and coordinated between your Education Coordinator and the PBT Education Department.
  • Ballet Fundamentals assembly program
  • Parent Engagement Event.  

Do I get anything for participating in the program?

We think the greatest thing you’ll get out of the program is more tools for using creative movement and dance in your classroom! We recognize, though, that this program will require more of your time and energy, and we want to reward your enthusiasm and participation through the following incentives:

 For successfully completing the residency, you will receive 2 tickets to an upcoming Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre performance.

 For successfully completing all of the documentation paperwork, you will receive a gift bag filled with dance/art materials of your choosing for your classroom (up to $25 value).