Dracula (Stevenson)

  • Choreographer: Ben Stevenson (Staged by Trinadad Vives & Dorio Perez)
  • Music: Franz Lizst
  • Costumes: Judanna Lynn
  • Lighting: Timothy Hunter
  • Set Design: Thomas Boyd
  • World Premiere: Houston Ballet, March 13, 1997
  • PBT Performance Date: October 2-5, 1997; October 7-10, 1999; October 28-31, 2004; February 11-13, 2011; October 27-29, 2017;

Program Notes


ACT I: The Crypt of Dracula’s Castle

In the evening, Count Dracula and his wives awaken from their coffins in the crypt of his castle.  In order to satisfy the lust of the Count, Renfield, Dracula’s trusted henchman, arrives in a coach with Flora, a lovely young girl from the village.

15-Minute intermission

ACT II: The Village

The innkeeper and his wife are celebrating with the villagers the eighteenth birthday of their daughter Svetlana.  Fredrick, a young , man from the village, is in love with her, and asks the innkeeper for her hand in marriage.  At the height of the festivities, Count Dracula, who has been informed of the beauty of Svetlana, arrives to abduct her.

15-Minute intermission

ACT III: The Bedroom of Count Dracula

Flora and the other brides await the return of Count Dracula.  He enters with Svetlana, who is to become his next bride.  At the climax of her initiation, Fredrick, accompanied by the priest and the innkeeper, storms into the Count’s Bedroom in an attempt to save her.