Dancers & Dogs – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Happy National Dog Day! Meet the pups of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

There’s nothing like hearing the pitter patter of paws around Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Studios. Between staff members and dancers, dog lovers abound and many of these furry friends have been known to stop in for the occasional studio visit. In celebration of National Dog Day, meet a few of our dancers and dogs!

Hannah Carter, principal, with her chocolate lab, Maggie.


Danielle Downey, corps de ballet, with her Old English Sheepdog, Quincy, who is now a certified therapy dog!  


Gabrielle Thurlow and William Moore, soloists, with Winston.

Dancers and Dogs


Luca Sbrizzi, principal, with his Lab/Boxer mix, Joon.

Dancers and dogs

Diana Yohe, soloist, and Joseph Parr with their Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, Shiloh.

Dancers & Dogs - Diana Yohe & Joseph Parr

JoAnna Schmidt, soloist, and Cooper Verona, corps de ballet, with their whippet, Laika.


Emily Simpson, corps de ballet, with her goldendoodle, Lily. 


Bonus: Best friends Joon (Luca Sbrizzi) and Maggie (Hannah Carter) cozying up for a nap!