Storytelling in Motion

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s season opener Storytelling in Motion is an innovative celebration of international and PBT choreographers!

The 22 – 23 season kicked off with a taste of the world in Pittsburgh, highlighting innovative, thought-provoking and athletic performances. Nacho Duato’s Duende was inspired by Debussy’s ethereal score, creating a sculptural piece in which physical movement and sound are one. Helen Pickett’s The Exiled takes a departure from the ballet norms with a dramatic story that examines the complexity of human morality through a combination of ballet and narration. Finally, PBT’s Principal Dancer Yoshiaki Nakano offers a world premiere of Catharsis, showcasing his fellow dancers’ strength and technique in an impressive work about the power of human connection and community support.

Choreography: Helen Pickett, Nacho Duato and Yoshiaki Nakano

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Photos by: Rieder Photography, Joshua Sweeny and Aviana Adams