3 Reasons Summer Intensives Are Invaluable

Just when the academic school year winds down, the summer intensive season gears up for serious ballet students.

From late June to mid July, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School’s annual Intensive Summer Program (ISP) packs over 180 hours of concentrated technique and repertoire classes into five weeks that are as inspirational as they are intensive.

There are many reasons over 200 students swap a month of summer relaxation for an Intensive Summer Program spot at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Here are just three ways summer intensives help students become better dancers:

Build momentum.
With school out for the summer, ISP provides a focused environment to concentrate solely on your dancing. You’ve worked hard all year to hone your technique, expand your flexibility and build strength. Summer intensives help you avoid backsliding and start the next academic year at an advantage. In addition to dance classes, ISP integrates Pilates mat classes and access to reformer training and other cross training equipment. Over five immersive weeks at PBT School, you can grow by leaps and bounds as you zoom in on the details that lift your dancing to the next level.

Expose yourself to new faculty and feedback.

In addition to PBT School’s respected roster of faculty members, ISP offers the opportunity to work closely with Artistic Director Terrence S. Orr and Ballet Mistress Marianna Tcherkassky — both of whom are American Ballet Theatre alums — and guest instructors from other prestigious companies. Students benefit from exposure to different teaching styles, fresh feedback and a wealth of perspectives and experiences from expert instructors with diverse backgrounds.

Meet and mingle with other dancers.

With five weeks away from home, it’s a chance to break out of your comfort zone and network with fellow dancers who share your passion for your career path. Find new friends and fresh inspiration by swapping insights with talented dancers from across the country and around the world. You never know when you’ll next cross paths in the increasingly connected dance world.

Learn more about Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School’s annual Intensive Summer Program here. For updates on annual audition dates, which run from January through February, sign up for PBT School email updates here.