PBT Soloist Gabrielle Thurlow Shares Her Ballet Memories on the Eve of Her Retirement

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Soloist, Gabrielle Thurlow, will retire on December 23, 2023 after being with PBT for more than 17 years. She has performed in numerous ballets over the years and took a few minutes to share her recollections about some of her favorite and most memorable ones. Her final performance will be on December 23 at the 2:00 show of The Nutcracker.

Ballet: Don Quixote by Marius Petipa
Role: Kitri
Year: 2014
“My most memorable performance was probably Kitri in Don Quixote. It was my first really big role, and one I had always wanted to perform. I had a blast on stage, and will always remember that thrill!”

Ballet: In the Upper Room by Twyla Tharp
Role: Bomb Squad
Year: 2013
“I was a “Bomb Squad” dancer, and had to move incredibly fast and in sync with my other “bomber”. It was super challenging to make this happen, but was exhilarating! ”

Ballet: La Bayadere by Marius Petipa
Role: Gamzatti
Year: 2015
“This one was very dramatic, and I got to experience a really intense and powerful scene that gave me chills. It was fun to have an acting challenge with this role, which was something new to work on for me.”

Ballet: Petite Mort by Jiri Kylian
Year: 2018
“The musicality is genius! It is such a beautiful ballet, and always makes me cry. I loved performing this one.”

Ballet: In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated by William Forsythe
Year: 2015
“This one tested my boundaries, and I felt very accomplished by the end. I also got to perform with my husband, William Moore (who wasn’t yet my husband at the time), which was such an amazing experience.”

Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty by Marius Petipa
Role: Aurora
Year: 2014
“So much technique and control is required for this role, and I think I was the most nervous I have ever been for it! But it was an honor to perform, and quite rewarding.”

Ballet: Western Symphony by George Balanchine
Year: 2015
“I love the music for this one, and enjoyed the challenge of “the ballerina”. It was so much fun on stage!”

Ballet: Lascia La Spina by Sasha Janes
Year: 2021
“Another one I was lucky enough to perform with my husband. This one leaves me with special memories because it was something we shared together during Covid. We got to record it as well, which is definitely different than a live performance!”

Ballet: Petal by Helen Pickett
Year: 2021
“This one was another that took me out of my comfort zone. I had to face my fears and improv on stage. It took some growing into, but by the end, I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot through it.”

Photos Courtesy of: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Rich Sofranko, Aimee DiAndrea and Rosalie O’Connor