Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Coppula

When he’s not onstage or in the studio, PBT dancer Nicholas Coppula can often be found  capturing the movement on camera as a photographer in his free time. Here Nicholas shares his perspective from both the stage and behind the camera as he reflects on some of his favorite moments and photos from 2012. 


Most Memorable PBT Moments of 2012: Performing John Neumeier’s A Streetcar Named Desire (In its Pittsburgh premiere, PBT became the first U.S. company to perform the work), PBT’s 2012 Israel Tour (The company’s first overseas tour in nearly 20 years) and performing Giselle in October 2012.


Favorite Role of 2012: The Peasant Pas de Deux from Giselle


You just spent December dancing in 20 performances of The Nutcracker. What do you plan to do with your break from the stage during January?  

I am going to catch up on some projects.  The month of December always seems to disappear because of Nutcracker, and I find that I mostly want to sit on the couch and relax between performances.  I am working on some small home improvement projects. I also have some photography that I would like to browse through and edit. 


 Do you find any similarities between your passion for dance and your passion for photography?

It’s more than just similarities between the two. They feed off of each other and help me fill in the slow times as well. When I look through my photographs it reminds me why I am a dancer. And when I am dancing I always see photos.  Some shows I am really busy and others leave me with more down time.  I keep myself occupied with the photography. 


What are you most looking forward to accomplishing with PBT in 2013? 

I would like to keep working hard and moving forward in my career.  


In your spare time, you design lighting and contribute to the production team for PBT School performances. What interests you most about some of the different production aspects of dance?

I have always been interested in the technical side of the theatre. When I went to shows as a kid I spent half of the show trying to figure out the lighting or how they made something work.  I have always been a problem solver as well.  Working with the PBT School allows me to apply these things to an art form that I love and understand intimately.

As a photographer in your spare time, which images best illustrate PBT’s 2012 for you?



From top to bottom: PBT’s Giselle with dancers Christine Schwaner & Alexandre Silva; Israel Tour 2012 – PBT dancers wait for the bus to their first day of rehearsals; PBT’s Giselle with dancers Christine Schwaner & Alexandre Silva. Photos by Nicholas Coppula