Find Out What Our Artists Were Up to This Summer

During June and July, PBT Company artists have a well-deserved summer break before the new season begins.  Some of the PBT artists shared the different ways they spent their breaks outside of the PBT studios this summer!


I took a road trip up to Northern Michigan where I vacationed in cabins on a lake with my family, then all the way down to Miami and the Florida Keys and back to Pittsburgh. Stops and fun along the way included New River Gorge National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, Atlanta, and Orlando. Four weeks on the road and many memories in my Jeep! 


I spent my summer flower farming — growing cut flowers for market bouquets, arrangements and events. I grew 50+ varieties and have farm-fresh bouquets available for purchase through the first frost this fall. I also just enjoyed the time off with my family, doing all the outdoor summer adventures, relaxing, and waiting on the arrival of baby #2 in October! 


This summer was an eventful one!  My partner and I started the process of getting ready to move to Pittsburgh! Amidst all of the chaos and the moving boxes, we did a getaway to Lake Michigan, saw the Taylor Swift Eras tour, and even had time for a family vacation to the Caribbean! We made our way to Pittsburgh in late July and settled in just in time to start our new jobs! Looking forward to experiencing everything the city has to offer! 


Joe and I spent most of the summer visiting our family and friends. We also added a sprung floor in our back shed, so we could dance and work out at home. (Thank you, PBT, for the Marley back from Covid times!) The biggest highlight was definitely visiting Long Boat Key, FL with family, which was incredibly relaxing and soul-filling. We spent time enjoying the sun and the sand!










I spent the summer at PBT teaching classes at the PBT School’s Company Experience and Intensive Summer Program!


I’m currently almost 4 months post op, and I’m doing very well. I started with the company this August taking classes.
I recently started a podcast and have documented every part of my process so I can hopefully bring hope to other dancers out there going through the same thing in silence.
I want to be an example, and proof that coming back after a hip replacement is possible. It’s  happened before but it’s been poorly documented and hardly spoken about. I personally struggled to find examples before I got my surgery.

I had to take myself out for the end of our 2022/2023 season but my pain is gone and I’m working on planning my return performance! So it’s been a summer of metamorphosis for me!